A day at Sentivo Vineyards

Instagram is good for many things. Whether you are looking for new trends, keeping up with the lives of friends and family or stalking a celebrity, you can do it all via social media. I personally use it primarily to keep up with all things wine and nothing catches my eye faster than a new tasting room popping up in my area. That’s how I stumbled across Sentivo Vineyards. With the name Sentivo translating from Italian to mean “I felt” or “to have felt”, you definitely experience all the feels when you visit this winery.

Driving up to the winery you find yourself engulfed by beautiful lush vines on both sides. A large modern white tasting room stands at the top of the hill surrounded by mature oak and pine trees. Walking into the building I was taken aback by how simply beautiful it was. The crisp white walls were complemented perfectly with rustic wood furniture and a plush seating area. Your eye is immediately drawn to the two lighted wine displays that hang on the wall behind the bar. With over 80 bottles of Rosé in each of the displays, it comes off as a striking piece of art. image

imageimageWe cozied up to the bar and met two sets of the owners; Scott & Michele Landon and Paul & Daniela Devitt. The story of these two half sisters is a pretty amazing one and they love to share it with you over a glass of wine. They purchased this property back in 2010 and began harvesting the next year. Estate Syrah and Petite Sirah are two of the wines they started out with and have since added multiple other award winning wines. From Chardonnay to Grenache to Primitivo, they have something for everyone.image

As I made my way down the list of wines, I have to say I really enjoyed each one. The 2014 Syrah Rosé was superb, with hints of cherries and just the right amount of sweetness. I just couldn’t leave there without a bottle. Both the 2012 Syrah and Primitivo were also stand outs for me. The Primitivo had a lovely berry scent paired up with a delightfully smooth finish. While the Syrah’s deep color and hints of vanilla would pair wonderfully with some barbecued pork.

After tasting each of the wines and chatting with the owners, I settled on a glass of the Rosé to take outside and explore some of the property. Surrounded by rolling hills of vines the views here are truly something to experience. They have many comfortable seating areas around the property that would make a great stopping place for a picnic on a day of wine tasting.  If you find yourself with a bit of a sweet tooth, you can purchase a smores kit from the tasting room and roast that puppy over the huge fire pit that sits outside as well.imageimageimage

Overall this family owned winery was really something special. Not only did they have amazing wines, but you really feel like part of the family there. I guess that’s why my handlers just couldn’t leave without joining the wine club. Sentivo offers three different types of wine clubs, each with different perks. I highly recommend next time you are out in the Fairplay area that you stop in and visit this beautiful winery. You won’t be able to deny feeling the love here. image






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