A Dinosaur walks into a brewery…..

On my little camping excursion last week we happened upon Stumptown Brewery. Located in Guerneville California, this little gem is right on the main drag through town. Typically you will find me at a winery, however I am most definitely not against checking out a new brew spot every now and then.

Stumptown Brewery is an  eye catcher as you drive down River Road. With the large white brew tank out front, there is no doubt that you are passing by a tap house. After walking inside, I wasn’t quite sure where to look first. Signed dollar bills litter the walls of the room, and staring down from the ceiling was a furry little woodland creature (unfortunately for him he was nailed there).


They had 8 beers on tap, 4 of them being their own brews. I settled on the sampler, that way I could have taste of the specialty beers. I was given generous tastings of Rat Bastard Pale Ale, Blimey (the wanker), Donkey Punch Pils and Bush Wacker Wheat. I gathered my glasses and took them out onto the large raised deck that flanks the back of the building. They offer many seating areas where you can relax while watching the beautiful Russian River flow by down below. On the patio they also have a second outdoor bar, pool table, air hockey table and a doggy play pen. If that isn’t enough, they also have the Stumptown Grill just in case you have the munchies. image

Out of my 4 beers, the two standouts for me were the Rat Bastard and the Donkey Punch. The Rat Bastard was a nice crisp Pale Ale with a great hop finish that didn’t leave a lingering bitterness. Donkey Punch is a Kolsch style Pilser that left me wanting more, hence why I ended up with a pint of it after my tasting flight.image

Overall I enjoyed Stumptown for multiple reasons. The beer was nice and refreshing on what was a pretty warm day for the area, and the views off the back deck were absolutely incredible. I would definitely make it a point to swing in here again next time I’m headed to the coast. When I make my way back I really want to check out the grill because the food sure did smell good. Next time you find yourself driving through Guerneville, be sure to make a pit stop here. Like they say at Stumptown “because beer is good”.



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