Wine and Zombies and Dinosaurs, oh my!

This past weekend, my handlers had a real treat in store for me.  They packed me up and took me down to the worlds oldest annual zombie walk. What is a zombie walk you might ask? Well it’s exactly what it sounds like. Hundreds of people gather in Roosevelt Park, found in downtown Sacramento. They come dressed as all kinds of zombies. From the freshly undead, to extremely rotted corpses there’s a little bit of everything. It’s a family friendly event so you’ll find all ages from adults to babies to teenagers and even the occasional dog. I was a little nervous about walking amongst these die-hard zombie lovers, so I made sure to polish off a wonderful 2011 Sobon Estate Hillside Zinfandel. The smooth spicy flavor warmed my belly and also made it so that I wasn’t nearly as nervous to walk along side the dead. Starting as 4pm, they had the carnival of the dead.  Here you could find live music, food trucks, carnival games and makeup artists to help you find just the right shade of rotten flesh. It was fun to just hang around and look at all the different costumes, people really went all out.

The walking dead procession started  at 7 o’clock. We marched our way down the R St. corridor. As crazy as it was to see a bunch of zombies, people sure were excited to see a Dinosaur mixed in with them. I was so impressed with the dedication of some of the people, everyone really got into character. Following the walk they were playing the Army of Darkness back at Roosevelt Park on a huge outdoor screen. It looked like a lot of fun and I wanted to go see it but the handlers had other plans for us.

We walked down to take some pictures in front of the beautiful Capitol building and a few sunset pics with the Tower Bridge. I had never really been to downtown Sacramento before, it’s quite nice. I look forward to heading back down there again  soon so that I can check out a few more places. After our impromptu photo shoot we headed to Ruhstaller’s. Set up in the basement of an old department store, this little brewery is one not to be missed. I ordered sampler flight and found the 1881 and the Klosch to be my favorites.  The atmosphere in the tap room was awesome. They had a pool table with lots of seating and peanuts to boot.  We hung out there until it was time to head home for the evening. As we headed back we still saw remnants of the zombie walk which was pretty funny. People still in costume mingling in with the normal cityfolk.  I thoroughly enjoyed coming down and seeing the city, the zombie walk was a blast and I can’t wait to go again next year.



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