Hilltop Winona

Nothing brings me greater joy than stumbling upon a new fabulous winery. Recently on a visit to Healdsburg, we happened across Copain Winery.  Situated high on a hill overlooking the Russian River Valley, the view as you arrive at the winery is beautiful. A large white building with a red roof and barn like door serves as their tasting room.

Walking in, the modern mixed with rustic decor made it feel warm and inviting. We had taken a chance by not knowing if you needed an appointment, and found out indeed it is best to make one. Lucky for us they had enough time to squeeze us in for a quick tasting.

We started off with the 2014 Copain Estate Pinot Gris. This wine  was crisp, with tropical notes and hints of apple and pear. We learned about the different estate and single vineyard wines that Copain specializes in. The tasting room staff were all very kind and knowledgeable, making us feel right at home. Our tasting flight came with five wines,  ranging from Chardonnay to Pinot Noir to Syrah. Each wine had a it’s own distinct flavor profile that kept you wanting more. Hands-down my favorite wine that I tried was the 2013 Monument Tree Pinot Noir from Anderson Valley. It was fruity and smooth leaving me with a taste that lingered on my palate long after I had finished.  I typically do not gravitate towards Pinot Noir, I usually find them a little too light for my taste. This one on the other hand was so flavorful and delicious I just couldn’t leave without a bottle to take home.

After finishing our flight, we headed outside to take in the panoramic sights of the valley. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe this view.  They have lots of seating where you could bring a picnic and really take full advantage of their grounds. Overall my experience at Copain was very  pleasant. I highly recommend swinging in there the next time you’re in Healdsburg. Bring a lunch and make an appointment, it’s definitely worth a stop.image



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